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After an accident, it is normal to feel lost and overwhelmed. At Rummell, Curry & Regginello Law Firm, our attorneys draw on decades of experience to support your recovery through comprehensive and compassionate legal support. Your future matters; your health matters; you matter.

Serving The Injured And Disabled Since 1932

Our Practice Areas

Personal Injury

Is an accident making it impossible to do everyday tasks? We fight for full and complete compensation.

Workers’ Compensation

A workplace injury can mean time away from work. We use the law to help bridge the gap.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

SSDI claims are notoriously complicated and sluggish. We help keep them on track.

Excellence Begins With Our Experience

Over the course of their work at our firm, our attorneys have gained valuable experience in both the law and in the ways it changes lives. Our knowledge means that we understand that every day without adequate legal support is a struggle, from navigating insurance papers to figuring out how you are going to pay the bills. We know that it feels like everywhere you turn, more red tape appears. Most importantly, we know how to fight for your best interests and keep the law on your side. We know how to get the kind of results that make a difference.

It Is The Little Things That Change Your Life

At Rummell, Curry & Regginello Law Firm, our decades of combined experience mean we know the little things happening today can have a big impact on your tomorrow. We take advantage of small details that can mean you are eligible for additional benefits. We are extremely thorough so that you can trust your case will not meet unnecessary roadblocks that can come from simple errors. Most importantly, we take advantage of every opportunity to maximize your benefits, whether that means filing the most complete benefits application possible or fighting for your right to financial support in the courtroom.

Honesty And Integrity From The Moment You Walk Into Our Office

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Randall W. Rummell

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Robert J. Curry

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John A. Regginello

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Matthew Bins-Castronovo

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